Tuesday, July 20, 2010

World... Meet Method.


  1. I picked up Murderland this past Wednesday. I've read it a couple of times already and I'm looking forward to upcoming issues. I'm sure this will be explained in forthcoming books, but other than a convenient human shield for Method, what's Lafayette's purpose?

  2. I'll have to file this one under "you'll find out soon enough." Sorry to make you wait almost a week for that answer.

    I will tell you that after this first arc, Lafayette "The Arabber" Hollins becomes a sort of Crypt Keeper character, spinning most of the yarns in the Murderland series.

    Thanks for reading. It only gets better... and then some.

  3. I just read Murderland #2. Wow. Great story. Can't wait to see this rivalry from Hollins past unfold. Is an explanation of their strange powers coming at some point?

  4. DJ O,

    Swing on back by the blog. I decided to post the response to your question as an entirely new entry.

    Thanks for reading, and I think you'll like what's to come.